08 June 2013

15 types of sweating I do in South Sudan

One of the things I love about Nairobi is the use of giant billboards. I saw one a few weeks ago that was advertising for some type of deodorant. I noticed it because, aside from being giant, it shows a woman and a man dancing, the woman with her hands up. This company promises "no stress-sweating". I laughed and then thought about all the different kinds of sweating I've done in South Sudan.

I decided to make a list:

just sitting-sweating
trying to sleep-sweating
thinking about going outside-sweating
been clean for five minutes-sweating
walking for two minutes-sweating
driving with no ac-sweating
driving with ac-sweating
praying for rain-sweating
sitting in church-sweating
thinking I'm not sweating-sweating
resignation to sweating-sweating
appreciation for the detoxification of sweating-sweating

and of course,


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Anonymous said...

I totally understand all these types of sweating. Great post. -

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