01 October 2014

Juba Sky - Another Poem

Last year, I tried to write a poem about the Juba sky, but as I looked through the various photographs I had taken, my words came up short. The "poem" was simply, 

All I can utter is,
Thank you.

Not much of a poem by some standards. But it wasn't just that the images were too beautiful for words, it was the memories and the bond I had formed with the Juba sky. Does this sound weird? 

Connecting with God is different for everyone. For me, in this place, I have found that my adoration for the sky is one of the main ways I connect with God. When I sit on my front porch and whisper, "It's so beautiful," really what I'm saying is, "You are a magnificent artist." 

The sky can move people, even if they don't believe in a grand creator. It can be such an endless source of beauty and inspiration, if we let it be. It can move people to poetry.

Let me try again.

Vast, colorful, full
of surprises, open wide
my soul, breathe in hope.


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Second Sister said...

Yes. What is there to say in words when its more like an image? Its more like the image that is taken in through your eye becomes reflected in your soul and emotions and you experience a more expansive sense of who God is, present with you. God's sky art here is something that will leave an impression on me, too.
Also, I love the picture at the top.

Lindsay Linegar said...

I like the way you put it, Corinna. :) Thank you. And thanks for liking the photograph at the top! It's a view of Juba from the main "mountain" in town.

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